A Guide To Peeling Solutions

Acids? Peels? Chemicals? OH MY! Relax, our Peeling Solutions aren’t scary. Simply put, a peeling solution is a targeted mix of great-for-skin chemicals that exfoliate skin and treat specific concerns.

When used correctly, Peeling Solutions are 100% safe and can be incredible for your skin. However, we know it can be overwhelming knowing which chemical does what and how to use it, so here’s our no-nonsense guide.

Revolution skincare peeling solution

Revolution Skincare Peeling Solutions

What Does a Peeling Solution Do?

A peeling solution simply put is a targeted mix of skin-sational chemicals that exfoliate skin, treat any problems such as pore congestion, and helps to improve your skins overall texture.

How to Use a Peeling Solution?

For less experienced users or those wanting a gentler exfoliation. Start by using 1-2 times a week, and then build up to daily use. Use once a day in the evening after cleansing for best results.

There are 5 different types of peeling solution in our collection targeting 5 different skin concerns; oily, dehydrated, sensitive, dry and combination.

We also have different strengths available in most – daily use, and weekly use. So that’s a total of 8 amazing peeling solutions. Does that sound like a lot to choose from? Keep reading.

What Strength Peeling Solution Should I Use?

The answer is potentially both. Our daily acid peels are great for building your tolerance for a few weeks, before jumping into using the intense acid peel weekly. If you have particularly sensitive skin, then just stick to the daily dose and try mixing it with moisturiser like our Hydration Boost for added dilution.

How to Pick Your Solution

Dehydrated Skin

Symptoms: Dullness, fine lines

Solution: Gluconic Acid & Sodium Hyaluronate

Peeling Solution for Dry Skin

Symptoms: Flaky skin, redness, irritation, scaly skin

Solution: Phytic Acid


Peeling Solution for Combination Skin

Symptoms: Oily t-zone, dry patches

Solution: Phytic Acid & Salicylic Acid


Peeling Solution for Oily Skin

Symptoms: Excessive oil, blemishes, congested skin

Solution: Azelaic Acid Salt & Salicylic Acid


Peeling Solution for Sensitive Skin

Symptoms: Easily irritated and reactive skin

Solution: Gluconic Acid

If you think your skin fits with more than one of the above concerns, we’d recommend not mixing the peels as this can cause irritation. Instead, pick your biggest skin concern and treat that first. Then, after a few weeks, switch out to treat your second concern, being careful to build tolerance. Remember, always use SPF after using peeling solutions as they increase your sensitivity to UV light.

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