How to Apply Moisturiser For Your Healthiest Skin Yet

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We’re all aware of the importance of using a facial moisturiser, but are you using yours correctly? It’s easy to forget how much is too much, and when it should be used amongst other skincare products, so Revolution Skincare are here to banish all uncertainty! 

In this guide, we teach you how to apply moisturiser, confirm how much to use, and list just some of the many wonderful benefits that facial moisturiser can have on our skin. 

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What Does Moisturiser Do?

So, why is moisturiser so important? A good quality facial moisturiser used regularly benefits your skincare efforts in many ways: 

  • Draws water to the skin for a hydration boost 
  • Helps smooth the skin’s texture 
  • Soothes and treats dry skin 
  • Protects the skin 
  • Keeps skin soft and supple for a plumped, youthful appearance 
  • Locks in all the goodness from other skincare products 

When Should You Moisturise Your Face – Morning or Night?

Why have one when you can have both?! 

Moisturising in the morning is essential for helping to protect the skin against the environmental aggressors we encounter throughout the day. As part of your evening routine, moisturiser helps to repair and replenish skin during its nightly renewal process.  

We believe it’s crucial to know how to apply moisturiser to make sure you’re getting the most out of this skincare staple. Follow the steps below to get your moisturising routine down to a T! 

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Step 1 – Understanding Your Skin Type

First up, make sure the moisturiser in your skincare routine suits your skin type. If skin is at the drier end of the scale, the moisturiser should have a thicker consistency. Meanwhile, those with oily skin should be using a thinner product that’s non-greasy. 

Not sure what moisturiser you should use? Check out our guide to help you find the best moisturiser for your skin type: 

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Step 2 – Cleanse the Face

The best time to apply moisturiser is when skin is clean. No matter your skin type, post cleansing, skin needs its moisture restored. 

Expert tip: Leave skin slightly damp after cleansing. This means skin can absorb product more effectively, and will trap more water into skin. Hello hydration! 

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Step 3 – Apply Your Serum

Serums are a great way to deliver a variety of skin-loving ingredients to target your concerns and promote healthy-looking, glowing skin.  

After cleansing and before moisturising is the optimal time to apply serum as your moisturiser helps to lock in the ingredients and properties of your chosen serum, helping them to work more effectively. 

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Step 4 – Time for Eye Cream 

It’s true that staying on top of your moisturising routine helps to lock in hydration and keep those signs of aging at bay for as long as possible. 

The skin around the eyes is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face skin, which is why eye cream is recommended. 

Step 5 – Work Out How Much Moisturiser You Should Use

Always wondering if you’re going overboard with moisturiser? Or worrying whether you’re using enough? 

We recommend taking roughly an almond-sized amount of product. If the moisturiser’s consistency is thinner, product can be applied more generously as the skin will be able to absorb it quicker. Thicker moisturisers can be applied more sparingly. 

Dab small amounts of product all over your face, not forgetting your neck. 

Step 6 – Massage Moisturiser Evenly Over Skin

Using upwards and outwards circular motions, begin to spread the moisturiser all over your skin. There’s no need to apply too much pressure – a light touch blends the product evenly. 

How Long Does It Take for Moisturiser to Absorb?

Again, it depends on the consistency of the moisturiser. A thinner cream is often made up of smaller molecules, meaning skin can absorb them faster than thicker creams. 

We recommend waiting at least 1 minute after moisturising before beginning your makeup routine if you’re getting ready for the day. 

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