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How to Make Lips Look Bigger by Contouring

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Looking for industry secrets on how to get fuller looking lips? Say hello to your new favourite beauty hack – lip contouring!

What’s that? You’ve only just mastered face contour? Don’t worry!

Follow our complete guide to lip contour, including all the tips, tricks and products you need for lusciously plumped lips!

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What is Lip Contouring?

Like face contouring, lip contouring is all about maximizing your assets. It involves adding extra definition to your natural lips to create depth, dimension and volume. No filler needed!

What Does Lip Contour Do?

Again, lip contour follows the same theory behind face contouring.

Lip contouring defines and highlights to manipulate shadows, creating the illusion of fuller looking lips. Darker areas create shadow and definition, while a little highlight enhances the voluminosity, making the lips stand out more.

How to Contour Lips

Sound good? Want to try lip contouring for yourself?

Follow our simple step by step guide on how to contour lips, helping you created your fullest lips yet with the Revolution Lip Contour Kit!

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Step 1 – Prep the Lips

The secret to the perfect plumped lips is to start with exfoliation. Just like our skin, exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving you with a silky smooth canvas for lip contouring.

Try one of our flavoured lip scrubs, a tasty way to get those lips perfectly prepped!

Step 2 – Apply a Base

To make sure your lip contour shade pops, prime your lips with your foundation or concealer.

This not only helps your lip contour stand out more, but it elongates the staying power of that pout! A blank canvas helps you to play with your dimensions, allowing you to draw on, above or below your natural lip line.

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Step 3 – Start Lip Contouring with Lip Liner

The first step in our Lip Contouring Kits is lip liner. To create the illusion of bigger, plumper lips, follow these tips:

  • Warm the lipliner – Your lip liner should be sharp yet soft and glide onto the lip without getting stuck. If it tugs, soften the lip liner by warming it between your finger and thumb.
  • Define cupid’s bow – Your cupid’s bow is the dip in your upper lip line. Using your lip liner, draw a letter ‘X’ starting at the top of each point, and draw diagonally down through your centre of your top lip until you get to the bottom. The ‘X’ shape not only defines your cupid’s bow, but it helps accentuate your top lip, creating the illusion of fuller lips.
  • Underline your bottom lip – Next, it’s time to line under the centre of your bottom lip. This creates a shadow effect, plumping that pout.

Expert tip: Lip liner can be used to line your natural lip line. However, overlining is an effective technique to create fuller looking lips. Simply use your natural lip line as a guide and apply your lip liner slightly over the line.

  • Line the middle of your bottom lip – Draw a vertical line down the centre of your bottom lip to create a pillowed effect, accentuating and enhancing the shape.
  • Finish by lining the outer corners – For a more defined look, complete your lip contouring by lightly lining the outer corners. Maintain a light touch as you don’t want to detract too far from the centre of your lips (this is where the pout power is!).

Step 4 – Top with Liquid Lipstick

Once you’re happing with your lip contour, it’s time to complete the look with a velvety, pigmented liquid lipstick. The Makeup Revolution Lip Contour Kit is complete with the perfect liquid lipstick to compliment the lip liner.

Simply glide the lipstick onto your lips using the applicator to lightly blend into the lip contour.

Take a look at our range of Lip Contour Kit shades below!

lip contour shades

Step 5 – Highlight

To make your pout pop even more, apply a light dusting of highlight to the top of your cupid’s bow. When it catches the light, this helps to create even more volume and sharpens the definition.

Apply the Makeup Revolution Highlight Reloaded (we love the shade Dare to Divulge!) using the Create Fluffy Highlighter Brush for a precise pop of shimmer!

And there you have it! How to use the Revolution Lip Contour Kits to create a gorgeous, plumped up pout! Discover more lip contouring tips over on TikTok:
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