What Perfume Should You Wear?


It’s true that our nervous system becomes less sensitive to smells the more we get used to them, meaning it’s easy to grow tired of your everyday fragrance. If that doesn’t mean it’s time to treat yourself to a new perfume, what does?! 

But how do you go about choosing a new perfume? At Revolution, we’ve put together a crash course on our fragrance range! A perfume quiz, if you will. Based on your vibe and personality, we’ll help you choose the best fragrance to compliment YOU. Ready to discover your new signature scent?  

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How to Pick Perfume

So, how do you pick a perfume that you’re actually going to love? We’ve got 3 tips to help you select your new scent. 

1. Know the Fragrance Families

What do your existing perfumes say about you? What fragrance notes to they carry? Are you often drawn to florals? Do you enjoy fruity fragrances? Or do you usually opt for amber or woody notes?  

When it comes to choosing which fragrance is best for you, work out which fragrance family you’re most drawn to and select your new scent based on that. Alternatively, try a perfume that carries completely different notes to your usual choosing – how does it compare? 

2. Don’t Test Too Many Perfumes in One Go

Fragrance shopping can be a little overwhelming. You know the feeling where everything begins smelling the same? 

We recommend testing no more than 3 at a time. Spritz a little of each perfume to different areas of your skin to keep the scents separate and see how each one develops throughout the day. 

3. Trust Your Instinct!

There will always be fragrance trends, but if the latest trending perfume scent doesn’t sit right with your vibe, there’s no point in forcing yourself to wear it! Similar to makeup and clothing, perfume is another way to express yourself, so always go for a scent that you totally resonate with. 

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Perfume Quiz – What Perfume Should I Wear?

Now that you know how to pick a perfume, it’s time to browse some options. At Revolution, our fragrance range showcases a gorgeous selection of scents to suit any occasion and personality. Which one will you choose? 

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  1. Makeup Revolution Passion Eau de Toilette
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    Makeup Revolution Passion Eau de Toilette

    Fragrance Family: Warm/Spicy 

    Notes: Woods, Amber, Patchouli, Chocolate 

    Heading out on date night and looking to express your romantic side? Dress to impress with our fragrance in the scent ‘Passion’. Perfect for evening wear, teamed with a smoky eye or a sultry red lip, this fragrance evokes warmth and spiciness, portraying sheer confidence. 

    With an earthy base of woods and top notes of glowing amber and indulgent chocolate, this addictive scent will leave a lasting impression in the best way possible! 

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  2. Makeup Revolution Revolutionary Eau de Toilette
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    Makeup Revolution Revolutionary Eau de Toilette

    Fragrance Family: Floral 

    Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Iris 

    If florals are your thing, you’ve got to try our ‘Revolutionary’ scent. This enchanting fragrance is innocent yet intoxicating! Infused with creamy vanilla and enlivened with musky patchouli, whether you’re heading out shopping for the day or hitting the bars in an evening, this fragrance ticks boxes. 

    Pair this perfume with neutral eyeshadow or a delicate pink lip to perfectly complement the warmth of this scent. 

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  3. Makeup Revolution Revolutionary Noir Eau de Toilette
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    Makeup Revolution Revolutionary Noir Eau de Toilette

    Fragrance Family: Spicy Sweet 

    Notes: Vanilla, Coffee, White Florals 

    Sophisticated, spicy and sweet. We’re obsessed with the versatility of the scent ‘Revolutionary Noir’. You first notice the warm creamy vanilla coffee notes, then a refined white floral fragrance, creating a scent that evokes pure class.  

    We recommend Revolutionary Noir as your go-to night-time fragrance. Try this perfume with a dark lip to summon an air of mystery wherever you’re heading.  

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  4. Makeup Revolution Timeless Eau de Toilette 100ml
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    Makeup Revolution Timeless Eau de Toilette 100ml

    Fragrance Family: Fruity-Floral 

    Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Rose 

    Finally, we have ‘Timeless’, a scent designed to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and show off your glamourous side.  

    Perfect for a special occasion, this fruity-yet-floral explosion marries perfectly with sweet vanilla tones to create this well-rounded yet elegant fragrance 

    How to wear this perfume? We envision glitz and glamour, so a shimmery eye look teamed with stunning eveningwear. Go glam or go home! 

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